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Top 5 natural attractions in the UK

There are many natural attractions in the UK.

The first I want to present is the Swaledale Valley.
Swaledale is a beautiful valley of Great Britain that can be found in North Yorkshire. It is the part of the Yorkshire Dales and belongs to the national park of the same name, thanks to which it owes its picturesque views.

The second attraction is Fens.
Fens is a geographical and historical region located in East Anglia. It covers the southern part of Lincolnshire, northern Cambridgeshire and west Norfolk. It is a lowland area, partly lowered, covered with peat bogs.

Avon Gorge is the third interesting place.
Avon Gorge is a gorge on the River Avon on the Bristol border. The length of the gorge is 2.5 kilometers. From the mouth of the river in Avonmouth, its length is 3 kilometers. It constitutes the administrative border between the city of Bristol and the independent administrative unit of North Somerset. Because of its beautiful surroundings, it is a place that you should visit.

Sherwood Forest is another beautiful place.
The magnificent and world-famous Sherwood forest is in Nottinghamshire, England and surrounds the picturesque village of Edwinstowe. This forest gained notoriety thanks to the legend associated with Robin Hood. To this day, it attracts fans of this character.

In my opinion, the last and most interesting attraction is the Hindhope Waterfall.
Hindhope Waterfall is the most picturesque place in the UK that is located in the Redesdale Forest. At this point you can certainly forget about the whole world and focus on the beauty of the surrounding nature.

by Marysia Urbaniak, 6a

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